Thursday, June 4, 2009

Huck Finn Pants Take 2


I made Christina’s  son, Brice, a pair of Huck Finn pants just like Colin’s. Well almost. I made a few tweaks since Brice is a little bit smaller then Colin. I used the same 12 month pattern pieces. I just used a French seam on the outside seam of each pant leg. And I used Colin’s waist measurement for the elastic length, no additional inches added or the button that the pattern calls for. I also increased the hem on each pant cuff.

The pants look like shorts in the photo due to how they were hung on the hanger but I assure you they are longer then they appear. Brice was kind enough to try them on for me yesterday and I think they fit really well. But I a wasn’t smart enough to take a picture. Oh well.


I also made a coordinating t-shirt for Brice with appliquéd number 1 for his first birthday. I used steam-a-seam to adhere it and then I used the zig-zag stitch and stitched all the way around it. This appliqué should hold up to many washes.


And of course I had to add a tag so Christina could tell which side was the back and I thought it was only appropriate to use some monkey ribbon I have. She calls Brice her little monkey :)

Now I just need to make Colin a matching t-shirt and we can take there photos together. I am sure they will think we are dorks when they look back at the photos someday.

Fabric-is from Heather Ross’ line Lightening bugs and Other Mysteries I think it is just called orange stripe.

As a side note I would just like to say I still had difficulties with the topstitching of the pant leg seams. Most of them silly but irritating, like running out of bobbin thread and not realizing it until I thought I was finished with the seam. I was really nervous about making these for Brice. I look up to and admire Christina’s beautiful craftsmanship. I didn’t want them to look anything less then amazing. Hahaha, so not realistic :o)




Christina said...

OH whatever! I'm so far from perfect in my sewing. How often do I tell you "you'll never see it on a galloping horse"? :) They are super cute - perfect for summer and they fit him perfect! I can't wait to get the boys together for photos.

Sheila said...

So cute what a nice job you did. I can't wait to see both of the boys in their outfits.

MissesStitches said...

Very cute! Good job, Paisley Queen. I have a question for you. On the "Number 1" applique you did--what materials/stitches, etc did you use? I recently appliqued a "1" onto a onesie for my granddaughter, BabyStitches. I ended up hand-sewing a blanket stitch around it to secure. When I experimented with zig-zag on a knit fabric, it got too puckery. How did you make yours look so nice?