Friday, June 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have been trying really hard to clean up my fabric stash. It’s not easy when Colin helps :) the heap of fabric on the floor just grows and grows. I can’t even decide how to organize it. I like the idea of organizing it by designer in some sort of box but I just don’t seem to have the room.  Any suggestions?

This is where I would normally insert a picture but I am too embarrassed of my fabric mess to share it with you.

Tonight my husband suggested that some day I have my own room for this mess, implying that he wouldn’t have to look at it or work in it. Yes, it is that bad.

The good thing about cleaning, organizing, re-folding is that you find all kinds of wonderful fabrics that you forgot you had. Then all the ideas of what you were going to make with them come rushing back and the project list gets longer. DSC_0352-1

Or you digress and complete one of them :) A reverse appliqué mushroom linen bib. I used Jay McCarroll’s mushroom fabric from the Woodland Wonderland line. Like it? Love it? It is in the shop. I am going to have to make a second one for Colin :)


He did not want to model it for me. But he did with tears in his eyes. But I digress….(this is why my fabric is not getting organized)

In hopes to organize and to make my husband stop saying “your fabric stash sure has gotten big” I have decided to move some of my treasures to the shop. It is going to take me some time so check back often :)

Have a great weekend!




Christina said...

He has a's called the garage. :)

Jasmine said...

Cleaning your homes is one of the most important task to do. This would require patience, time and effort when doing this. Cleaning mean getting rid of the mess that surrounds you.

MissesStitches said...

Dear Paisley Queen, after spending a couple weeks taking care of my one-year-old granddaughter (BabyStitches), I simply cannot understand how you and other mothers can accomplish so much! I know I did it when my kids were LittleStitches, but I wasn't blogging, and otherwise spending hours on the computer. Anyway, I digress.... I have most of my stash organized by color. I find that if I fold things to a similar size, it looks more orderly (less stressful). But I also have some folded bundles (tied with selvage trimmings--you do save those, don't you!?!) of fabrics that are already grouped together, or one particular designer, eg. I am fortunate to have a linen closet to use for (most of) my stash. Good luck. Visit my blog and let me know how the clean up has gone!