Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That Darn Scarf....




Remember that scarf I was trying to figure out? Well here it is! It took a lot of thinking and thanks to Christina and to the comments from my previous post it got me on the right track. And of course as soon as I got it figured out Christina, whom was helping figure it out, emailed the talented Karin and she told us exactly what to do. Which was exactly what I had figured out and even linked to some of the same sites as I had come across. We should have emailed her sooner :)

I don't know if the gauge is right for the Anne Taylor Scarf. I have yet to see one in person. They still don't have them in the store.

The stitch is a moss stitch (on link scroll down to #4) or double seed stitch, which ever you prefer to call it :) with a "slipped selvedge" edge.

I am using size 15 straight needles with Lion Brand-Wool Ease- Thick and Quick yarn (uses 1 1/2 to 2 skeins depending on length).

A cast on of 17 stitches gives a 7" wide scarf (I knit on the tight side)

A cast on of 21 stitches gives a 8" wide scarf. I finished this scarf and made it shorter in length then the inspiration. It seemed like too much for the width and the heavy yarn.

So far I really like both of the scarves.

The Anne Taylor scarf is 74" x 6" and can be seen here.

I personal think this would make a great gift, especially if you have any last minute gifts that need to be made. It works up quickly with the thick yarn.


*first row- knit the first stitch then begin your moss stitch

* When completing your slipped selvedge- slipping the stitch pearl wise make sure your working yarn is in the front. Otherwise you will get a bump on the edge.

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