Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Sewing Machine?


I haven't seen it in about a week. With a house guest and then a new Treadmill. The office/sewing room has been overtaken.  The treadmill ended up being a bit bigger then I expected. So we modified the desk. WE as in Brett cut off 20 inches and then put it back together. It looks great. I will show you when I can actual see the desk :) Now I am cleaning out the closet and trying to organize all of my fabric, wip's, yarn, ect.  You always have to make a bigger mess before it is clean, right?

My hope is to have this organized enough by this evening that I will not be embarrassed for the In-laws to see the office tonight :) Wish me luck!


Erin said...


Sorry. I'm calm now. I swear. Do you ever have random tension issues with yours, especially with free-motion quilting?

Oh, and my office looks just like yours. Great minds... :)

Leslie said...

mine is buried in a pile of something upstairs...it has been put away since thanksgiving when the house was overtaken with family.

Sarah said...

hahah can I be in the sewing machine club too ;-)

I love when you have a mess.. makes me feel less like I belong on an eposide of hoarders... hahaha

love you

Christina said...

I need to join that club, too. No sewing going on over here...just quilting. Not the same thing.

It always gets worse before it gets better. I hope you got it spiffed up enough to not be embarrased to show the in-laws! I can't wait to see the set up.

Dee said...

Mine is in there somewhere too! The mojo comes and goes...

use the treadmill as much as the machine and you will be a happy, healthy quilter!