Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hick Finn Pants for Mr. C


Project number 4 for me from Heather Ross Weekend Sewing. I thought this project would be super easy. Over all it was. I had some issues while doing the top stitching along the outer and inside seams. I found myself multiple times stitching threw the other side of the pant leg. Ooops! Thank goodness for my trusty seam ripper. It really has become a close friend.

After reading Juliette’s post I thought I have to do this with everything I make that has a back and a front to it.


I added my own little tag. It makes it super easy to grab the pants and just throw them on Mr. C.

I love these pants, especially how soft they are. They are perfect for the summer days that are coming. I think, since Mr. C is so skinny that these may even fit him next summer. They will just be Huck Finn shorts.

I see another pair of these in my future.



1 comment:

Sarah said...

I love these. I wonder if the bigger sizes would fit the beans? They are kinda capris they would be cute. The tag turned out soo cute too I love that turtle