Thursday, January 27, 2011


I miss sewing. I keep looking at all of these wonderful projects people are working on and I feel so inspired. Yet not inspired enough to work on a hand sewing project. Why that is I do not know. It's not like I have anything else to do. I have even thought about looking for some sort of kit online, that's right I am to blah feeling to gather supplies myself and find a project. Sad to actually admit that out loud.

Thank you for all your well wishes, I am at 31 weeks and am hoping for 37. The good news is the bed rest is paying off. My last set of labs were better then they have been and blood pressure was down a bit. Tomorrow we have another growth scan of Owen and they will check my bp again of course. I am hoping he had a huge growth spurt and isn't "to small" by their standards.

Happy sewing to everyone who has the motivation and means to do it, keep up the great work cause I am loving the projects I am seeing :)

p.s. If anyone has some fun but easy knitting projects they would like to share I would love to see those.


angela said...

Glad things seem to be going well health-wise.

Knit wise - here's a couple suggestions:

Super cute, fast, fun hat:

Favorite felted thing (felting is good, if you get tired and stitches are messy they just felt out!:

Or just spend your remaining time scanning ravelry. It EATS time :)

Kristie said...

Glad the bedrest is paying off. Hang in there!

Dee said...

Our little Bean was born at 36 wks weighing in at a whopping 4lbs, 6ozs because of IUGR...triggered by bp issues with me.

11 years later, he is totally in line with his classmates in his size, is smarter than the average bear and a super sweet boy!

Things will be okay!