Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That's right little Owen wore himself out on the car ride to the doctors office on Friday. I even had to recline my seat (I was the passenger) because he was moving so much it hurt. By the time the ultrasound tech got to work he was napping. The tech had to harass him to get him to wake up which was not an easy task. He really didn't want to wake up. She finally pestered him enough that he took lots of breaths right before his test time was up. He passed with flying colors. The great part was we got to see lots of cool views of him some even in 3-D while waiting for him to cooperate. And he is adorable ;)
He looks great and as the doctor said "he has walnuts in his cheeks" and "a nice layer of fat starting on his legs" The weight estimate from the ultrasound was 4 lbs which is almost 2 lbs more from our last growth scan a few weeks ago.
We were all very happy and even my blood pressure has been normal for a week now, it is looking more possible every appointment that I might make it to 37 weeks.