Tuesday, November 30, 2010

23 Weeks

Not the best photos, but you can kinda see my tummy (along with my poor posture). We went Christmas tree hunting with the Costa clan, has Brett calls them, this last Saturday. It was a lot of fun as always :)

DSC_2920-1  DSC_2921-1-2

I suppose I should actually pose for some belly photos, with Colin I never really had one so this one seems huge to me. I bump into stuff all the time with my tummy and boobs, I often forget how big they both are ;)

I have actually done some sewing, I am going to try and take some photos today so I can share soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, we did :)


Christina said...

I love how you're showing and have poor posture already. :) I remember being unaware and bumping into things all the time. We still need to get our tree (and a photo for Christmas cards) which i'm guessing you got. :)

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time picking out your Christmas tree!

Yep..I remember bumping into everything. It is probably because we can't see our feet at that time :0)