Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little holiday sewing

I made a reusable grocery bag from this well known pattern. I used home decor weight fabric on the outside, only made the pocket on the front side and I added Insul-Fleece so my mom's groceries will stay colder longer on her 2 hour car trip home (she does her major grocery shopping in town before she drives home). The pattern was really well written and really easy to follow. And adding the insulating was super easy. I just basted it to my lining fabric. I even had a decent amount left over to use for another project :)DSC_3025-1

I have been seeing these coin purses around and really liked them. I looked at this and this tutorial, and then made my attempt. I would not call it a success :) it's not horrid but not giftable by my standards. and I can honestly say I will not attempt to make one again...lolDSC_3020-1

Look at all the glue and stitching and rope hairs..Ahhhhh! Okay I change my mind don't look...DSC_3023-1
Did you happen to notice those amazing cabinets in the background of the first photo??? Yup that's my kitchen, same kitchen new paint on the doors :) My husband and his dad but a lot of time and work into those and I must say it is worth every minute and I gladly accept that I am no longer to come up with projects for an x amount of


Leslie said...

both of these are great projects!!! i love the fabric and how beautiful those blues are on the bag for your mom. very genius to add the insulation to it.

Dee said...

The blue bag knocked my socks off! I just love it and I appreciate you sharing projects gone awry with us!

Send your hubby over with a paintbrush...mine is too stuck on natural wood to let me paint them!

Christina said...

Love the bag! Great use of the insul-fleece. Your kitchen looks so amazing in the background of the photo. I am still just stunned at the transformation.