Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WIP's Done!

I finished my WIP's from this post :)


A car boot shift cover for my brother- I am hoping this is what he had in mind.


The Revoluzzzionary bunny was a big hit with Colin. Not so much with mom. I had a really hard time with stitching it all together. I am not used to making stuff so small :) I still love the little bunny and think it is adorable. But don't look to closely at it. I had to sew up a few little spots on the outside by hand :) I think it gives the bunny character.


Colin's apron is finished and ready to be washed. It did not turn out exactly how I had pictured it. But I think it will work just fine. Plus there is lots of room in it so he can use it for years :) I still need to wash it and wrap it for his birthday party this Saturday.


Dee said...

wow, you've been busy!

cute bunny, apron, kid and the car thingey looks like it will work!

Leslie said...

what a cute bunny ....he looks so handsome in his apron

beth said...

Love that little bunny!! Someone else does too!!

Christina said...

lol - I love that he wore it for the photo, but you're still going to wrap it for the party. :) Everything is so cute!