Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Colin turned 2 years old. The day did not go as planned. Brett took a vacation day from work so we could do something fun but ended up working from home and I was sick. It was nice having Brett home to help with Colin while I was not feeling very well. Little did I know I was going to feel much worse the next day and for days after.

We are having a little party for him this Saturday with friends and family. He is going to be really excited to have more "Happy Cake" as Colin calls it.

I still made Colin a birthday cake, Banana Sour Cream with Cream Cheese frosting :)DSC_7800-1

I so badly wanted to lick the frosting bowl clean but  I didn't. DSC_7804-1

My Grandparents stopped by in the morning and dropped of Colin's present, they didn't come in the house since I was so sick. They gave him some bobble head dolls, or "guys" as Colin refers to them, a birthday card with lights and music, and other goodies. Colin loves his guys, in fact he has brought them home from grandpa and grandma's house before, without asking.  And he plays the card over and over and over, while dancing away. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!DSC_7773-1

Brett and I sang Happy Birthday to Colin after dinner and he loved it. It was a lot more fun this year compared to last year. He was more aware of what was going on and enjoyed it. While I did miss having our family there to help celebrate, it was a very special moment and I think it was even more special since it was just the three of us.

DSC_7806-1    DSC_7814-1  DSC_7815-1 DSC_7818-1   DSC_7828-1 DSC_7835-1DSC_7829-1

He has grown and changed a lot over the last year.  DSC_7012-1-2

I love my little guy so much. I treasure every little moment. And I am so thankful that I get to stay at home with him :) I love my family and I am looking forward to all the adventures we have ahead of us.


Christina said...

So sweet! He and Brice look so much alike some times (that picture of him on the floor with the "guys" reminds me so much of Brice!). I can't wait for him to get his birthday present on Saturday!

Leslie said...

happy birthday. these are such precious pictures

Dee said...

Happiest of Belated Birthday Wishes!

They are so much fun! Enjoy every moment with him.

Feel better soon.