Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sick, originally uploaded by izzybizzy81.

Well Colin is actually better but mom is really sick. We have used three boxes of Kleenex in one week I am finally well enough that I can function but I still feel and sound icky.


Terri said...

Ah man, I hear ya on the tissue thing. That was us a few weeks ago. Sophia got croup from the kids at school and it was the worst thing ever. I hate not being able to fix them when they are sick.

I hope you all feel better soon.

Christina said...

Yea! You must be feeling better if you blogged! Can't wait until you are all better and we can hang out. Brice keeps telling me "Colin?" when we see things that he associates with ketchup! lol

Dee said...

Wishing you better health today and stock in Kleenex company!

Sheila said...

glad your finally starting to feel better. Nana misses you two.