Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Noah




Still needs to be gifted. The party was last Saturday,  for whatever reason I thought the party started at 2 but it started at 1.  I went any way to drop off the gift and left sick little Colin at home with Brett. Apparently the pizza place had three banquet rooms I thought it had only two. I came back home feeling confused and embarrassed still carrying the gift.  Hopefully I can get it to Noah soon because every time I see the bag it calls me an idiot.


Dee said...

That's okay, I almost missed our middlest's basketball party yesterday. I had the time messed up. It happens and people are usually nice and understand!

Cute, cute quilt!

Christina said...

ROFL! Poor Liz!

AMIT said...

Cute pictures.

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Sarah said...

oh my goodness this kind of reminds me of christinas baby shower only I screwed up way worse haha