Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Shower Curtain

Remember this photo?DSC_6590

Just in case you didn't read the wordy post from yesterday some repeat photos :) .....



I started cutting out circles by hand and then decided to speed things up and bought this.

Had Brett fix my already cut circles while adding the steam-a-seamDSC_6546-1

Then we, mainly Brett, cut out the rest. I just laid the fabric on top of the square adhesive sheets and cut them both out at the same time.DSC_6565-1

We did various sized circles with 5 different fabrics. I laid the shower curtain out flat on the living room floor and flung the circles like frisbees hoping for a random layout. I liked how it looked so I pined them in place and then got to work attaching them to the curtain. First with the iron (for the steam-a-seam) then with the embroidery floss.


I love it and so does Colin. Brett is a little concerned about the goldfish named Robert looking at him while he uses the facility :)


Kaye Prince said...

Very cool! Maybe I should make myself a shower curtain? Seems like it might be fun!

Dee said...

Robert would scare me too, but I love your creativity and the shower curtain!

angela said...

I wondered if that tool worked well - worried that it may wander off the round as you used it. Seems like it was great for you! I love that shower curtain.

Leslie said...

that is so much fun! i love those goldfish

Christina said...

Oh, but Bjorn doesn't bother him??

Sarah said...

I just love that Robert fish.. haha of course now if I made one with a Brett fish rob might have to turn it around.. haha love it

Katlyn said...

I love that circle cutter! I have one too and it makes cutting so much easier!