Thursday, February 11, 2010


  DSC_7016-1 Colin burnt his finger Saturday :(

I was not there when it happened but I did walk in right after he did it. No crying, whining, or anything. Brett was holding him and he simple reached out and touched a very hot light bulb with his right pointer finger. Perhaps followed by a "hot" or "ouch" I don't remember what Brett said he said. All I remember was wanting to cry for him. He kept trying to figure out what to do with his finger. He wanted to be held but didn't know where to put his finger so it wouldn't hurt. It broke my heart to see him in discomfort (I know I need to get over this and that there are many more accidents to come, and bigger ones) His little finger blistered immediately and popped the next day. DSC_7001-1-2The night it happened we wrapped his little finger up with some burn cream and then put a sock over it. With the hopes it would stay on. All of the bandaging was off by morning :)

It is healing nicely and I am hoping it wont get infected since it is the finger he likes to chew on. For now I just keep shoving the "bah" i.e. pacifier in his mouth if I see him chewing on it.


wishes, true and kind said...

Oh, bless his heart! I still remember the first time my daughter fell and hit her forehead. Tougher on mom than the kiddo. Still -- poor little finger!

allsewnup said...

OUCH! That's a doozy of a burn. Glad to see he took it in stride and fell asleep. Poor Dad how did he hold up; around our house I usually deal with the bumps, bruises, cuts etc.
Take care,


Dee said...

I remember a similar burn for all of our boys. Ibuprofin and ice. Ice cream and freezie pops. Neosporin and lots of luvin'.

Hang in there mom, it's only starting. All of our boys have had head wounds requiring stitches. Burns. Cuts. Scrapes.

But the hardest ones are the ones you can't see. Can't put a bandage on and know they're lil' hearts are breaking.

Pray long and hard and hug him tight!

Leslie said...

oh poor little thing...i hope his finger heals quickly

Sarah said...

awww poor mr.C I hope it heals super fast give him a kiss from me