Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Painting Problems

First off let me apologize for the pictures and the wordy post. The lighting in the bathroom is terrible (there is no natural light at all). Not only does this make for awful pictures but it is frustrating to paint.DSC_6745

The paint color never ends up being what you think it will. This will be the third paint job in this bathroom since we bought the house 5 years ago. The first time we painted it I was hoping for a whitewash with a hint of blue. It ended up being to blue for me (see above photo-paint is inside the fixture) and we repainted it when I got a new shower curtain. The green that was on the wall did not go with the Gold Fish shower curtain at all. We picked out a "whitewash" earth brown/grey/blue paint that we thought looked good in the bathroom lighting (blueish color around fixture). I swear it was the exact blue color as the first time we painted it. How is that even possible?? It was an entirely different paint line.

Needless to say I was not very happy. We took the paint back to the store (third trip to Home Depot that day) and asked them to help me change the color. I was happy with the whitish color they got it to, but who knows what it would have looked like in the bathroom and Brett didn't want white. So he picked out another swatch. A dark brown/grey. Very pretty but a bit dark for the bathroom. We went with it, they added the other colors to our already mixed paint. I left HD with a mind full of wishful thinking and a belly full of doubt.DSC_7026

We put the new paint up, mainly Brett did, I was not feeling well. And then decided it was the lighting the was ruining the paint so we went in search of a new fixture and ended up with new light bulbs. They made a big difference in the paint color.

Do I love it??  I don't know yet but I do love it compared to the ice blue color :) Has it left me scared to repaint the kitchen? Yes.

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Christina said...

*Ahem* May I refer you to my photography posts and custom white balance?? ;) Bring your Nikon book and and we'll figure it out. I love the curtain and can't wait to see the bathroom in person!