Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Roxy Does Not Have A Quilt

Have the fabric for her quilt but I can't seem to motivate myself to make it. Perhaps this is why....




She drags her blankets everywhere and then precedes to chew them, toss them, death roll them, and even tear any quilt batting out of them.  What is it with dogs and quilt batting? She goes nuts for it.

I know she loves her blankets but how can I make her a new one out of this .. Wendy Slotboom's Feathered Friends

when I know it will end up destroyed?


Happy Friday,



Sarah said...

yeah I think I would stick to those $5 fleece blankets from oldnavy for her.. hehehe.. maybe once shes older she will treat her blankies better ;-) but she sure is cute

allsewnup said...

I know exactly what you're going through!!
Our rotty thinks that if it's not chewed, ripped, with at least one hole through both sides & of course the ingesting of a wad of batting it's simply not her's. "Bullet" is now the proud owner of thrift store blankies...yes they have holes chewed through them too,SIGH.

larry7pokey said...

Give Roxy ahug, apat on the head, and an old beach
towel! pokey

The Quilt Buddy said...

Poor Roxy! When will she learn?

Love that fabric! Tons of possibilities!

Christina said...

Casey loved to eat batting, too. I don't know why that is. Use the fabric to make a dog bed cover instead. She'll be less likely to chew that up.

Anonymous said...

It's a dog for heaven's sake... of course it going to tear up blankets... why is it people insist on treating dogs like they are children, when they are dogs?