Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Morning

Why is it when you wake up and go back to bed you are always more tired the second time you get up? I am dragging this morning and of course today we have things to do. I got this calendar that hangs on the wall of our kitchen after Colin was born. It has come in very handy and has help me keep my sanity. I highly recommend to any new mom.
But first things is a coffee day. Tea will not cut through the fog this morning.
It seems like with every birthday I feel I need to start/ make changes in my life. With this last birthday I have decided I am old enough to start caring...well more like I NEED to take care of my face. My hubby looks like he is 18 when he will be 30 this year. This is not going to be pretty later on in life. I will be old and haggard and he will be distinguished and handsome.
The anti-puff eye roller has been a must since the birth of my son :) It works wonders. If anyone else has some great tips or would like to share their favorite products please comment I can use all the help I can get. I am looking for a great face lotion.
edit: face soap in above picture was a freebee, I have used it for a week now and it has dried out my face. I have sensitive skin so I am on to the next product to try


Sarah said...

Hope the dr gives you the green light to sew today hehe

I have to get 2 fillings and a crown .. boo!

Love your calander. Thankfully im married to a guy who never forgets anything! I am so bad

let me know if you find a miracle lotion I am looking pretty old after those twins. even my hands... its pretty sad. We can always pretend b is our son when we go out in our 40's hehe

Christina said...

My favorite face lotion is Studio Fix by MAC. I'm still using the last of my bottle from when I got married! It lasts. ANd I love it.

julesinseach said...

I could use the bags under my eyes as carry on luggage, so maybe I should invest in that eye roller thing-a-ma-jig.

Sounds like a productive day. Nice photos as well.


LaDonna said...

Taking care your face and hands are so important. look at me I'm

100 but only look 65.hehe