Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Busy Baby. It's way to early for this much activity.
My vintage FTD vase.
Birthday card from my husband and Colin. My birthday was on Sunday and my husband just brought me flowers and a birthday card last night. lol.
A good way to start the day.

Happy Wednesday morning.


LaDonna said...

Nice little man to wake up to

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you. I am also playing along in the "within the hour" challenge.

Happy morning to you. I love the vase, especially the calla's. Happy belated birthday.

Christina said...

I so love that you use the items I make you guys. :) I love making stuff for you. And you know how I LOVE calla lilies. :) Twins separated at birth. I love how you can see Roxy peeking in the door behind the vase, which by the way is SUPER cute.

Sheila said...

Great pictures...........Calla lilies are one of my favorites too. I like you new header. I guess I haven't commented in a while. It looks great.