Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A bib for Colin

It seems like yesterday we brought Colin home from the hospital. It is so hard to believe that he is over 10 months old. And he is outgrowing all of his bibs. They don't even cover from shoulder strap to shoulder strap any more. I have used other online tutorials for bibs and decided I should do my own thing, I wanted a fun shape and for it to cover a lot.

I used Dick and Jane fabric and then adhered some iron on vinyl to the front for easy clean up. For the back I used white terry cloth with hopes it will be helpful while wiping his face off.
I finished it off with a heavy duty snap that way he can't pull it off (insert evil laugh). My original design called for a cute little plastic pocket on the front that was trimmed with red binding. But that didn't go very well. The binding looked great but I will be damned that stupid pocket would not sew to the fabric.

If you look closely at the first picture you will notice the Colin has a wonderful bruise under his right eye. His first crash and burn. He was trying to pull himself up on his toy basket but he had one hand full of bread and could not support himself so down he went.
This picture was taken only a few hours after the tumble, I am almost afraid to think of what it's going to look like tomorrow.

As a side note: I washed and dried the skirt I posted about yesterday. It fits so much better, I love it. It's more fitted now but still really comfortable. I can't wait to wear it outside of my house.


Sarah said...

poor Mr.C at least he has a snazzy new bib to wear. Iris has a bruise almost just like that one at the same age. I was so sad when it happend.

Christina said...

I can't wait to try the iron on stuff. The bib looks great! I think about how you haven't been sewing that long and look at all the things you are doing! It's so great!

LaDonna said...

He is so cute bruse and all. bibs great