Friday, February 13, 2009

Made with a lot of love and little talent

I thought I would share my lack of paper craftiness.
And I think it is safe to do so before Valentines Day as my husband does not normally read my blog unless he is out of town, that way I get another red dot on my reader map.

These aren't anything special just something I typed up in Microsoft word and used a clip art picture for the heart. Luckily I have a stack of various paper/card stock in the closet, from my scrapbook phase. I am NOT a scrapbooker, I repeat NOT a scrapbooker. I hate it! And I have to remind myself this every time I see someones lovely scrap book.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Although I dont really support the commercial holiday(nothing big anyway). I think every day we should treat each other like it's Valentine's Day. This is one of my goals; to let each and every special person in my life know that I am greatful for them being in my life. So on that note, thank you for reading and sharing all of these special moments with me.



Sarah said...

awww you are too cute! Valenties day is my favorite. I like that its the only holiday I dont have to make up some random person to give the gifts I buy my kids (easter bunny, santa.. lol) and it can be from me all me. Love you you guys are wonderful

Christina said...

ROFL "guilt free trip to the mountain", that's hillarious! I love it! You should have just printed him three of those. :) Such a good wife. I think i'll do for my hubby what he did for me last year.

LaDonna said...

Ilove the idea of giving everyday to all you care about