Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ya ssou

Colin is now almost 11 weeks old and it seems like everyday we cry a little more. This is mainly due to the fact that he was born 7 weeks early and he never cried until he reached his gestational age of 38 weeks. Apparently he had spoiled for those 5 weeks because now I am at a loss on how to make him happy. I know babies are supposed to cry and that it is part of their development but it just seems unnatural.
I try holding him, singing to him, walking with him, burping him (he is a huge spit upper, due to being a preemie), sitting in the bouncy chair (him not me), looking out the window, changing his diaper, and just trying to entertain him. But nothing really seems to work. He just falls asleep when he is ready to.
For example today after hours of unhappiness and dismay he fell asleep on his play mat, made by Christina, this is actually the first time we have used it. I have been afraid to use it due to the fact he spits up at random times and I just adore it and I would be devastated if it got ruined. He has now been asleep for an hour on his play mat, I turned up the heat and covered him with a blanket, I think he loves his play mat Christina.

My question is "is this behavior normal for a baby, a preemie, an 11 week old?" And if anyone has any helpful tips please leave me a comment.

On to something more tasteful, last nights dinner. I was hoping to blog about it last night but I just got to tired. So here we go...

Greek salad with herbed pita
This is one of my favorite recipes, it's from Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast Salad
It has a suggested variation for picnicking, just add chopped cooked chicken and insert salad and chicken into the pita and enjoy a fabulous sandwich. I add the chicken even if I am not going to be using it as sandwich filling, it's delicious either way. It's even great as leftovers, which I am not a big fan of, but I love to eat this the next day for lunch. Yum, just writing about it makes me want to go back in the kitchen for seconds.

Wow, this is a long entry for me, here I was afraid I wouldn't know what to blog about. So before I bore you too much I will say "Ya ssou (Greek for hello/goodbye to a friend)."


hikebikekayak said...

I'm so glad you're finally using it!! And i'm glad he liked it. As for the crying, sounds like collic and if you take into account what his actual age should be (around 6 weeks) then he should be peaking on his crying right now. So it should start to get a little better, I think. With collic there is nothing you can do to stop the crying...but of course you're going to try your best.

Sarah said...

Iris and Ruby cried almost non stop for about 3 or 4 months. Stella had "colic" according to the Dr's too but it was less than the others. It rips your heart our when you can't give them what you think they need doesn't it?!? It seemed to just get better on it's own for us. Although we did try everything we could think of to help. The spitting up must be hard I never had much of it but my little bro was a premie and also was like that. It too just got better on it's own. Poor little Colin.... and poor mama! He is so cute and I LOVE that playmat its the cutest thing ever!