Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Breath

There are numerous times a day I just have to tell myself to "just breath." Either it's the untouched stack of beautiful fabric looking at me, the dog constantly under foot begging me to throw her ball, the baby wanting to be held while he sleeps, or the ever growing stack of dishes in the kitchen all begging for attention at the same time. I can't possible start them all at once and they won't all get seen today, I just take a deep breath and do as much as I can. Which usually means that the beautiful fabric continues to lay there untouched and lonely.

My question to all you crafty people, how do you find the time? Do you just have to let some of the household chores go for one more day so you can craft?

I honestly have at least 5 projects waiting for me. I have all the supplies but none of the time.

Well I did not intend for this posting to be so negative, I apoligize, but for now this is where I will have to end it has I am being paged by my dearest (the baby, sorry hubby) ;0)


Sarah said...

For me its kind of in the scheduling. Well that and I don't sleep a whole lot (but my babies sleep 13 hours straight plus naps) I get the stuff done that I have to get done so I dont go insane, like dishes, a couple loads of wash, beds made and floor vaccumed but most days I would rather play than clean all day. If I didn't just let some stuff go I would be nothing but a miseriable maid with a really clean house and no real life to show for it.
It will get better as he gets older. He will sleep more you will not be as tired and you will get used to kind of just relaxing about some of the "work"
lemme know if I can help. If nothing else you could bring some fabic over and sew with my machine while I hold Colin ;-)

Rachel said...

I craft first thing in the morning, then I devote the afternoon to errands, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc, etc. Your greek pita recipe looks great! I found you through the sometimes crafter blog!

Sheila said...

Your right just breath. It helps and enjoy Colin he won't be little long. It goes so fast. I was like you I would try to do it all. The chores will wait. They will always be there. Give yourself a break every evening when Dad gets home and use the time for YOU and YOU only. Daddy needs his time to get to know his boy. And don't be afraid to ask for help. You have lots of good friends who are more than willing. We love you Liz.

Christina said...

I craft when the baby is sleeping instead of sleeping myself! :) I'm a night owl now. Maybe we should set up one day a week where I come over in the afternoon and hold Collin so he can sleep while you get some stuff done. That way we get to visit and you get some things out of the way so you can craft. Brice is pretty good about sleeping on his own. As for letting the chores wait...I can't. Messy house drives me nuts now! But I make sure to only do that when he's sleeping. Don't want to miss the good moments!!