Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do I Dare

New purse
With all of my free time I have been doing a lot of internet window shopping. It seems very odd to be looking at purses when I am on bed rest but I could use it when I go to the doctors (which is 2-3x a week so really i could use it a lot) ;)
I have not had a new purse in 5 years and my husband suggested I get a new one for my upcoming birthday. I really like this one, and found it just after I told my husband "it's no wonder I have the same purse, all the new ones are ugly."
I just don't know if I can pull of a red purse everyday. I am always so practical and buy black or brown so it matches with everything and I don't get tired of it. Of course it also comes in black and some cute other colors. So do I dare ask for the red???


Leslie said...

do it!!! Get the red!!!

MissesStitches said...

Go with the red, by all means! Just do it!

Christina said...

Just do it! You can always use a red purse!

Dee said...

Live life to the fullest! And then go buy some red shoes to match!

Anonymous said...

oh I love it!