Friday, December 24, 2010

No Sewing Required

I think this is the first Christmas Eve in a long time that I have not needed to still be working on a Christmas gift :)
I finished this Swaddled Baby Love on Wednesday. It's from Colin to his little cousin Brooke, he got her in the name draw. Another pattern from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings book.
My doll doesn't look to bad here but in person it is a bit deformed and wonky looking. I hate am seriously disappointed in all/every doll/ softie I have ever made. I expect it to look like something I would buy in a store and when it turns out different then I had envisioned I am just not happy with it, sigh.  Both Brooke and Colin like the doll a lot so I don't know why it bothers me so much that I could not just give it to her. Maybe if I wasn't so worried about the opinions of the in-laws?? DSC_3113-1
I was hoping that my doll would be so wonderful I could make one for Colin too. He has been really curious about taking care of baby brother and I thought this little gift was perfect for that.DSC_3120-1
I love, love the diapers. Super easy and fun to make. I got 8 or 9 from my 1/4 yard cut of fleece (enough for Colin and Brooke). Needless to say I bought a doll. I am not sure if I can explain in words what it felt like to be searching for a doll that's 1. fabric/ cloth 2. clothes came off or at least up to expose the diaper area 3. could wear the  diaper size I already made 4. could zoom or have different angels in the pictures online to see if it was possible for meeting the 3 requirements. I felt the need to tell each and every store clerk that was looking at me why I was looking under the doll clothing and had to show them my diaper :)
The doll quilt is a bit different in size then the pattern. The pattern is for a 24" x24" string quilt. I decided to do paper pieced hexagons. Why I decided to start this a few days before Christmas I do not know. A charm pack and a few scraps later and I was done. I had to go to Joann's for the binding and I was blown away by all the cute fabrics they have in the store right now. I also was shocked that this pocket looked exactly like the other polka dot print fabrics from the MoMo Wonderland fabrics.
Have I ever mentioned I love polka dot binding? Hmmm... well I do :)DSC_3118-1
The back of the quilt has a big pocket for the diapers to go in or for putting the doll in for easy swaddling.

DSC_3103-1-2   Just for a reminder for myself I have a picture of the pieced hexagons before cutting it down to a squareish shape of around 21". I have plans of making one for Colin with some primary solid fabrics and Japanese robot fabric I have.      
Sorry for such a long post.
Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays,
E & the non stop kicking baby in my belly :) 

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maureencracknell said...

Hi! I followed the link from the Handmade Beginnings flickr pool. : )
I think you did a great job with this project! I tried it too and mine turned out WAY worse than yours...and I make felted dolls for a living -- ha ha! Your baby quilt is just wonderful, I love the colors!
We're always too hard on ourselves -- you really should be proud!