Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grocery Bag Take 2

First off, sorry for the poor photos. We are having some crazy stormy weather today. It is unbelievably dark out and hailing at the moment. Not to mention they had a tornado south of us in Aumsville, Oregon.
I much happier with the overall size of the bag. Finished dimensions are 14 1/4" high x 11"wide x 7"deep. I made patchwork squares smaller in width so I now have 6 per side.DSC_3088-1DSC_3086-1DSC_3069-1
Colin and I have been taking turns sewing, I think it is very kind of him to let me know when it is my turn again :)DSC_3072-1 He was super excited about me having the camera out so I graciously let him take one of me. Not bad for no makeup and an awkward angle. I am amazed he can even hold the camera up and get us in the frame :)DSC_3075-1Time to go wrap some presents, which means I need to have National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation playing on the television.  


Ranelle said...

Super cute bag! Are you following a pattern or just making it up yourself?
Thanks for sharing it.

Sheila said...

Great bags I love. And you and beautiful with or without makeup.

Dee said...

love the fabrics, the miniature quilter and your smile!

Christina said...

He does so good with the camera! And I love how he is sitting and sewing. We started to watch Christmas Vacation the other day - I just love that movie!