Friday, July 9, 2010

Mendocino Picnic Blanket


I finished the top this morning. It is one big square (7x7) up of 10" blocks. I am hoping to get it finished soon so we can start using it. I have been debating between the two Laurie Smith fabrics, pictured below, for the backing. I finally decided on the orange mosaic fabric and now I am not sure if I will have enough. I may have exactly enough if I don't have any cutting errors. Keep your fingers crossed :)


Thank you Sheila, Christina, and Sarah for all of your input and spare squares, it was most appreciated :)


Little Lady Patchwork said...

You did Heather Ross proud! I love the layout and placement of the colros.

Enjoy your weekend...we are having a heatwave :0(

Sheila said...

Your welcome, it sure looks cute can't wait to have a picnic on it.

Sarah said...

oh la la I LOVE it! hurrry up ill take some family pictures on it hehe its so cute