Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Days 2-4

Day 2: Sitting in the window waiting for Dad to get home :(DSC_8286-1

Cleaning his kitchen while I was cleaning mine :)DSC_8279-1

Day 3: My mom and youngest brother, Ben, came and stayed for a few nights. Ben helped me take down the birthday decorations.DSC_8303-1 DSC_8308-1Colin loves his Uncle Ben so much. When he woke up on Tuesday morning the first thing he said was "Ben?" and went looking for him.

I made a crocheted basket for some of Colin's toys. Pattern found here. I used some yarn I got out of the clearance bin at Joann's DSC_8311-1 DSC_8315-1

Day 4: Colin is busy playing with his kitchen and wearing his new pajamas that I made him from this pattern. I opted out of the kimono top and went for a Hanes t-shirt instead. I love the pants on him and have plans to make some more.DSC_8322-1

Plans for the rest of the day include: treadmill for mom, nap for Colin, post office, Joann's, and maybe Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us. I need to get him a booster seat for the kitchen table (I am seriously regretting that our table is counter height).

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Christina said...

Cute basket! I love that he was cleaning his kitchen. I need Brice to do that. I love the little PJ pant's too, Brice needs some (hint, hint).