Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 1 of 10

Today is day 1 of 10 with out the Mr around. Colin and I stayed very busy and got lots of  chores done. It is always a lot easier on me when the Mr is gone if the house is neat and tidy. The dishes are done, the trash/recycle are out, the grass is mowed (thank you Papa), the last of the laundry is drying,  and Colin is in bed (a little earlier then usual). I can hear him in their chatting away. I am just to tired and ready for  bed myself to make to his normal bed time. Not a good sign at the end of day 1. But I am still smiling DSC_8267-1

The Mr got me these.. DSC_8259-1 along with some cute tank tops right before he left. I love them. They will most defiantly keep my spirits up while he is away.

I am debating on working on some craft projects or crawling into bed and reading....I think I will read :)

Good night,



Sarah said...

Haha B I had to comment first ;-) Liz you are so pretty

wishes, true and kind said...

Awesome shoes! Did he pick them out himself?!?!

Leslie said...

what fun is so nice when husbands take care of all those extra things like the lawn and garbage. 10 days will be a breeze!! you and your little one will have one another just make the most of it. when my husband was deployed for nearly a year and i had two little ones, i just tried to keep myself busy and find fun things for us to do together to take our minds off of it. these few days will go by in a flash

jenine said...

you're such a sweetheart, liz. you should make your pic of you on here the facebook profile one. i think it's cute that your mr. got you shoes and cute tank tops. my mister keeps me in good dark chocolate. ; )