Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Patch


Last Saturday we joined a few friends at one of the many local pumpkin patches. We of course went to the wrong one first. Who knew there were multiple patches on one little island?

It was a beautiful fall day and the ground was still dry. Like true NW's we all wore our rain boots just in case.


DSC_3549-1Colin wore his Halloween costume and I think was the only one at the patch wearing one. People would walk by and say "look at the little monkey." I know it was sweet and they thought he was adorable :) but it still made me feel like we(meaning him) were on exhibit at the zoo.


We had a fabulous time and left a little early. I think we were all in need of nap. Colin and I slept on the way home only to be woken up by my husband saying "I think we might be getting pulled over...Yup we are being pulled over." Luckily the nice officer let us go with a warning. I like to think it was due to Colin's monkey costume ;)

You can see more of our adventure here.


Sarah said...

the cutest little monkey I have ever seen ;-) Thanks so much for joining us you guys rock

LaDonna said...

What a wonderful Family

happy zombie said...

I love your photos! You're such a darling family. We've lived in the PNW 10 years now... and every year we've said "this is the year we finally go to The Island for the pumpkin patch". We have yet to go... so extra fun to see your pics!