Friday, September 11, 2009

Road Trip

On Sunday we went to Yakima, Wa for my families annual Labor Day BBQ. We had to make a day trip out of it this year, no dog sitter. And we will not be doing any long day trips like that again for a while. It took 4 hours with one stop to get there. And about the same on the way home. This is how Colin felt about it:

DSC_2897-1 Getting ready to leave


On our way home

Well let me sum it up:

8 hours in the car
10 minutes of napping
+ 1000 times he said "momma"

* x amount of time spent screaming and crying
= no more road trips for a long time

He cried on the way there and on the way home. It is so hard to not take him out of the car seat and just hold him. Especially when he is looking at you like this...


and saying "mama."

Breaks my heart. Even now looking at this picture I want to take him out and hold him.

Once we arrived to our destination everyone had a great time.

DSC_2912-1 Colin and Grandma Candi

DSC_2921-1 My brother, Zach, and myself

And on the way home we experienced some beautiful weather between the down pours of rain.




Have a great weekend!


LaDonna said...

Beautiful pictures and what a precious boy,

The Quilt Buddy said...

Ahhh...yes...I have had many a LONG cross country trips like that! He is 3 now...and loves to travel (by plane that is, not by car)!

Enjoy being home.

Sheila said...

Just had to tell you what beautiful pictures you took. I just love them. The windmill with the rainbow look like crosses on the hillside. Great job Liz.