Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beach Babies

Second part of our day with the Costa's was spent at Rockaway Beach, Or.  Colin had a great time in the sand.  Unfortunately we don't have very many pictures from the beach adventure. It's a lot of work getting the sand out of Colin's eyes, mouth and every other hiding spot :)

DSC_2784-1 DSC_2762-1 DSC_2767-1 DSC_2770-1 DSC_2771-1 DSC_2775-1 We could barely get him to look at the camera so we could take his picture.  It was wonderful being able to sneak away to the Costa's condo to shower Colin off after the fun in the sand. It made for a much more pleasant ride home. Missing from photos but present in all the fun, Brett, Sarah, Iris, and Stella. I did not get many pictures taken at all :(

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Sarah said...

soo cute. I know its hard to get lots of pics with little ones getting us all sandy. Plus it was so cold and foggy but we still had fun im glad you did