Friday, June 12, 2009

May Block


I just finished my block for Christina's quilt along. Did I mention this is last months block? I finished a day before we are supposed to get together for June's block. Hehehe

I do think I am the first one out of us to get it complete. We all got together eventually last month but I think everyone worked on different projects and I started this but I didn't get very far. You can read about the night here

I am very excited for quilt night tomorrow and I can't wait to find out which block we are going to make.

Happy Friday :o)



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MissesStitches said...

Aren't quilting get-togethers the best!!??!! I absolutely love getting together with other quilters for a day, or a few hours, or a weekend. Getting to see others' work, getting input on my work, it's all good.