Monday, May 4, 2009

Lucky Charm

Last Thursday Sarah told me that she had read in someone’s blog that they had found the horse fabric by Heather Ross at a Joann's.  I was in disbelief but I had already planned on going there that day anyway. I looked in the section of pre bundled fat quarter packs, which is exactly where Sarah told me to look. Nothing.

That evening I just happened to need to go back because I forgot some stuff and Sarah decided to meet me there. What did she find in the fat quarter bundle section?




You guessed it. The coveted Heather Ross horse fabric in light blue and blush. Plus the riding gear in taupe and gold. With a brown fabric in the middle that I have no idea who it is by but its nice too. Luckily for me Sarah  found two bundles so I got to have one too :)

DSC_8445-1 What have I learned from this? That if I am ever searching for Heather Ross fabric I should have my lucky charm with me.

Happy Monday!




Sarah said...

awwww ;-) I have a Heather Ross magnet im pretty sure.. ;-) it was so fun to find those

Christina said...

She is a lucky charm, isn't she! She always finds the best stuff!

LaDonna said...

Aren't friends just charms anyway. i was going to enter your contest but they told me I was too old for a well you know? happy sewing