Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cloth Basket


I was inspired by this basket, well to tell the truth  I fell in love with it. I thought to myself this would be perfect for Mr. C, especially since I am feeling a bit guilty about not making him anything besides a bib for his 1st birthday.

And you know what I actually made it. Luckily for me Christina had the Zakka Sewing book that it came from. It only contains the pattern for a fabric basket not the bunny part.  If you want to make the bunny face and ears my inspiration –distressed(blog name) has everything you need. I headed on out to Sheila’s and her and I got to work on some baskets.

I basically did my own thing. I knew I wanted a bigger basket then 4” but what I wanted to do I didn’t bring a large enough piece of fabric with me. So I worked with what I had. Mr.  C’s finished basket is 6” wide by 5 1/2” tall, I made my own face, my own ears (they needed to be bigger to fit the new basket size)but still folded them the same as the inspiration basket. And I made one large handle to cover the center of the basket.DSC_7428-1

I used a greenish khaki linen on the outside and a neat Mary Engelbreit fabric (not sure of the name but the copy right year is 2005) on the inside. It would have been a super easy basket and it really is, I just had some minor difficulties and distractions. Sheila had two baskets finished before I had completed my one.

Happy Friday Thursday! oops, it’s like my Friday cause Brett is home tomorrow :)




Christina said...

Awesome job!

Sheila said...

It turned out really cute. I did two but they were the easy part no cute face and ears. The love the pictures they turned out really nice too,