Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Block of the month

4 of us local gals (and very close friends) are doing a block of the month quilt along. You can join us if you like. Just head on over to Christina's blog and join in. Christina is hosting the quilt along, she picked the block styles, with our blessings :) The first block was a zig zag pattern. It looks difficult but is super easy. My only tip is to make sure you use fabric colors that are contrasting enough so you can really see the zigs and zags. If I remember correctly Sheila, myself, and Sarah all switched our top and bottom fabric right before sewing to giving it extra definition.

If you really like the zig zag pattern head on over to Anna Maria Horners blog for a free tutorial on a zig zag quilt. It's beautiful.

edit: I forgot to mention that i used Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabric for my block, except for the last row. I know it's Amy butler I am just not sure which line it is from. I am hoping to complete a few more blocks from my 6 fat quarters of Daisy Chain.


Sarah said...

I love how they turned out. I had originally planned on doing my blocks monocrome each one different thinking it would look cool but I love the way it turned out when I made it more contrasty

LaDonna said...

Very nice

Christina said...

I think that last block is midwest modern. Looked great!