Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A belated Christmas gift

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift and I suppose it still is. Although, we did have other gifts for my brother, Ben. So I did not feel too bad about not finishing it. Actually that may be why it did not get finished. Truly it is a gift for Soco, his cat. I hope that it is an okay size for her and that she likes it.

I used the Kitty Tunnel pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches. I made a few minor changes mainly in the dimensions. I did not have enough fabric so I just worked with what I had. The finished size is 32" around by 30" long, the Amy Butler pattern dimensions before sewing any of it is 37"x37". I added a pocket to the inside to put some cat nip in just for extra fun. Also, I just used some brown 3/8 of inch ribbon for the drawstring. It saved a lot of time and finger burns not making my own.
As a side note Mr. C has been sleeping for a little over 2 hours, I have gone in several times to make sure he is still breathing. This is a long, long nap for him. He must be getting ready to grow.


Christina said...

That's so cute! I hope the kitty uses it. Aren't 2 hour naps nice? Although, you never really get anything done durning them, because you never count on them being 2 hours! I hate that.

Sheila said...

That's one lucky kitty and a lucky Liz 2 hour nap. WOW

LaDonna said...

I can see you love animals I do too

Brett said...