Monday, December 22, 2008

It's done!!!

Front of Colin's quilt
Those of you that live close by know that I have been working on a blanket for Colin. It started out a simple quilt made from small pieces of blues, browns, and cream fabrics but it has turned into a huge project for me. First I was not happy with the collection of fabrics I had. I didn't feel like I had enough variety in both textiles and designers. So I added to the stash with some corduroy and home decor weight Joel Dewberry. I suppose I should say this all started with finding a nice size remnant of some dark brown plush fabric, which I thought was ideal for the backing. The cutting and placing of the strips of fabric went well, it took me a bit to be happy with the layout, for some reason I had to feel like all the fabric was evenly distributed but in a random looking way (big mistake). I should have thrown all the pieces in a paper bag and grabbed one at a time for a true random pattern that way I would not have stressed out over "well there isn't any gingham in this corner." It has taken way to many hours and I have caused myself way to many headaches trying to make this quilt as great looking as it appeared in my mind.
To make matters worse I thought I was already to sew everything and then I decided that the overall size was to small, I mean it's taken this long to make it I want this blanket to last forever ;o). So I added some patchwork to the back and I decided I would just add a few more inches to the front to make it the same. Easy enough?!? Nope. My husband, the engineer that he is, didn't like that the pattern wasnt symetrical on the back. So I had to add another 6 inchs to the other side. Which meant another trip to the fabric store. Finished size is roughly 40"x50".

To make this post I little shorter I will spare the rest of the details and just say this. I am a perfectionist and I don't want to be one. I hate when things don't line up perfectly. The blanket is far from perfect so don't look to closely at the pictures.

I think Colin may be our only child because I don't want to every make one of these again. Oh sure all the different textures will be a lot of fun for him but they are a cruel and unusual punishment to have to sew.

Back of Colin's blanket


Christina said...

You just need to tell B it's crafting, not engineering. There's nothing symetrical or perfect about it! ;) Good job! It looks great!

Sheila said...

Looks great...... I love the colors. My theroy is quilts are made with love and love isn't perfect so why would a quilt be. Mine never turn out perfect. But I love them anyway. Good job Liz I love it can't wait to see Colin with it. Have a great Christmas hope to see you soon.

LaDonna said...

A work of art is all about doing it for someone you love. What a treasure you have created