Sunday, December 21, 2008

I should have been working on Christmas presents but....

Look at what I did instead.....

A pretty little Bird ornament that I made while at Sarah's house. I am not sure where she got the pattern from but I know it was based off of someone's and then she tweaked it a bit.

A pretty pear pin cushion, from Heather Baileys pattern. My pear ended up being really fat since I sewed to close to the edge of the fabric, which left little I need more practice with curves. I also made this while at Sarah's but on a different night.

Mr. Whoooo a Christmas Owl for Colin. He is made from a variety of wool blend and regular felts, he has two button eyes and a sense for adventure. We have already lost him once in a store, but luckily we retraced out steps and found him. I think I will have to attach some ribbon to him so we can tie him down so he wont fly away and get lost.

He is also based on a pattern, it was from a sewing magazine, sorry not my magazine so I am not sure which one. We made a few minor tweaks to the design but overall it is basicly the same. He was also made at Sarah's house so if you have any questions on where these patterns can be found head on over to her page.

Mr. Whoooo out and about in the winter wonderland that is our backyard.

There seems to be a theme to these creations and that is Sarah's house...maybe I should be a good girl and stay home and get these Christmas presents made?....Nah I enjoy Sarah's house too much for that. I think out next one night project will be some quick and easy aprons or who knows what other little animals may come home with me, perhaps a giraffe.


Sarah said...

The Owl was from Sew Simple Magazine Volume 11. The pattern was suppose to be enlarged 200% but we made mini versions and tweaked them a little! Portabello Pixies blog had the bird pattern but we really tweaked the idea from that one too ;-) I cant wait to make aprons! How much fun we have

amy said...

cute cute owl!