Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little People Big World

This Saturday we are heading off to Roloff Farms to go t0 their pumpkin patch. You may be familiar with their TV show Little People Big World. It airs on TLC and I have been a fan since the beginning. We went last year on the last weekend of pumpkin sales and there was hardly any pumpkins left so I am hoping that we will have better luck this year. Either way it will be fun taking Colin to his first pumpkin patch and dressing him up in his costume. I am just hoping their will be a patch to take his picture in. It's a short drive from where I live and it's nice to support a local farm and if we get to see the family that's just a bonus. So I guess for us in this one instance the world is not that big to have a favorite TV show of mine be filmed right here in our extended neighborhood. Hopefully I will have some great pictures to share with everyone either Saturday night or Sunday sometime.

-Christina, Sarah, or any other friends interested in going?


Christina said...

Yeah, i'd like to go! I want to take some photos of Brice in the pumpkins. What time?

Sarah said...

ooh i REALLY want to bring the babies too.. Rob has a soccer game and then a photo shoot but the beans and I could tag along and we could wrestle with getting the kiddos in some cute pumpkin pictures