Friday, September 26, 2008

Fabric, Fabric, and more fabric

Colin and I went to the Portland quilt show with Christina and Sheila. We had a great time and saw some amazing quilts. I was a bit surprised on the small amount of vendors they had there. Especially the Amy Butler and Michael Miller booths, they were so small and only hand a handful of examples. The Michael Miller booth didn't even have a person there. Like I said we still had a great time and I got some really cute stuff including a lilly apron kit featuring the farmer's market fabric. I just love it!I would go again and am hoping to go next year and I would recommend going.

I also got some great deals on fabric from fabritopia. Just what I needed, Farmer's Market, and some Ginger blossom fleece ( it was on clearance for $3.00 a yard, yippee!). I am going to make a quilt, hopefully queen size for my bed.
I will need filler fabric since I don't have a large amount of fabric. I have a half yard of each.
I am thinking various square and rectangles with white fabric but who knows what I will actually end up doing. And I am sure my stack will grow because I feel I need a little more color variation. Perhaps more blue and/or purple. And if you happened to notice I bought the same fabric twice, once from the web and once at the quilt market. Complete accident and I will have to be more careful in my purchases. It's a good thing I really like it ;o)

I almost forgot as a thank you with my purchase from Fabritopia they included these little scraps with my fabric (note picture is a close up they are about 2"x4") I think they are from the Pop Garden line by Heather Bailey. Cute!

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Sarah said...

ooh I am jealous of your farmers market collection hehehe I am going to have to start ordering some stuff online or something! I think I need to make a quilt. It seems like such a task though. I am a 1 hour sewing project kind of gal. BUT I do really love that collection! Maybe a wall hanging for my craft area or something. That line makes me absolutely blissful its so beautiful. I cant wait to see what you make and you guys better invite me next year!