Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adventuours maybe?

I have been inspired by the many bloggers who sell their home made goods on Etsy and have opened my own shop. Is this adventurous of me? Maybe or it could just be another silly life experience we will see. I am trying to designate specific time to create some really cute stuff to sell in the shop. I have all these great ideas so hopefully i will put them to fabric very soon. So check out the shop if you feel so inclined. If you think of something you would like to see in it let me know and I will do my best to full fill your request.


Christina said...

Yea Liz! Oh, and I just love your new header! :)

Sarah said...

you rock my world! Also you could totally make me a header with the farmers market fabirc as a background... I would die happy! hehehe ;-) your page rocks and I love your shop... I cant wait to see what you create

amy said...

good for you for taking the plunge! i am hoping to open a small etsy store soon too!