Friday, February 25, 2011

One Week

or 7 days left until my c-section. I am so happy that I have made it so much further in this pregnancy then I did with Colin but I will also admit that I am so ready for delivery. I have the up most respect for the women who go full term. These extra 3 weeks seem like months :) and I still have one more week to go. Last night I slept with 6 pillows trying to relieve my lower back pain and rib cage pain. I slept for 3 hour blocks of time which is an improvement from the up every hour the night before.

Maybe, just maybe I will go wash off Colin's finger prints on the mirror and take a much need prego photo of myself. I realized the other day I don't have any except with my jacket zipped up :)

Happy Friday :)


Chris said...

Having carried to term...yikes! It is a time that can seem to drag. Having delivered 4 weeks early...I'd rather go to term!

Best wishes for a safe, healthy delivery and speedy recovery!

Christina said...

Yeah, you need preggo pictures! I do at least have one of you and the boys on the couch. :)

Leslie said...

be sure to get that are going to want to have it to remember this. i remember the feeling being this close to delivery....and all of those days seemed to take so long. i am looking forward to meeting your new little person here on the blog!