Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Patchwork Sleeping Sack

I bought this book last Thursday.
 Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby
There are a lot of projects in it that I would like to make for myself and the baby. I started with the Patchwork Sleeping Sack. I am so glad Anna Maria included illustrations with her instructions, my pregnancy brain could not visualize what I was supposed to do in some steps just by reading the instructions :) The project didn't take very long considering my brain was not working as it normally does.

It took to much thinking on my part to make the patchwork front; had to add a couple squares at the end :). The instructions just give the dimensions for how big to make your patchwork fabric piece for the front. I cut my squares 3 1/4" that way I could get as much of the hedgehog print as possible. The below picture is my fabric piece before cutting out the pattern. I plan on using this as a reference for myself if I decide to make a second one..lol
I used various prints, linen, and woven cotton (my fav!) for the patchwork. Linen for the side and backing and a Oliver + S knit/jersey fabric for the inside. The pattern calls for flannel, I am not a flannel person. Call me weird or crazy :) It's a texture thing for me, I do not like that mated balled up texture thing that happens to it ( I know it doesn't happen to all but I don't have the time to search out some that would be suitable for me).  So linen it was. My only concern is that it wont be as warm as the flannel. I debated on using some batting but decided against it in the end since the baby is due at the end of March; the weather should start to warm up then. The jersey/knit (i don't know what they call it) fabric is super soft and reminds me of some of our favorite Gymboree blankets Colin has.
Overall I am very happy with this sleep sack and I can't wait to see our little guy sleeping in it. Only 20 more weeks :)


Christina said...

It looks great! So cute. It would be a great gift for expecting moms, too. I have to check out that jersey. I loved the Gymboree blanks. They were always my favorite. I can't believe you're already half way! Yea!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Yeah Liz! Only 20 more weeks!

I love the colors that you have chosen. They are very modern and a great departure from the traditional yellow and blue.