Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoo-After Hours

Scott, my father-in-law, had his company picnic at the Oregon Zoo this last weekend. It was a blast. I cannot say how cool it is to be at the zoo after it is closed. The animals were very active even at 4 o'clock when we got there :) This post is going to have a lot of photos, sorry put I couldn't resist sharing.

 DSC_1889-1 DSC_1897-1  DSC_1909-1 DSC_1916-1 DSC_1917-1 DSC_1928-1 DSC_1930-1 DSC_1952-1 DSC_1961-1   DSC_2007-1

DSC_2017-1 DSC_2018-1 DSC_2019-1 DSC_2021-1 DSC_2022-1 DSC_2023-1 DSC_2024-1 DSC_2025-1 DSC_2026-1 I think the female lion thought Colin was a lion cub. His hair is pretty close to their coloring. She was very gently with him while she tried to bathe him. It terrified me even though I kept telling myself there was a protective layer of glass. Colin loved every minute. She would paw at him and it would fill me with fright, finally I couldn't take it anymore and I had to pull him away. I had nightmares that night :)

We saw all the animals that we never get to see, it was obvious that they were night time predators. I hope that Scott's work has it at the zoo again next year, and that we are inviting again :)


These two birds cracked us up. The bird with the log in it's beak kept trying to give it to the other bird. She would not except and was running all over the exhibit trying to get away. The bird with the log was persistent and never gave up. We left while she was still running from him :)


Sarah said...

WOW this looks like so much fun! What a great time! it was so hot the other day when we went every animal was sleeping ;-)

Leslie said...

what an amazing trip to the zoo...these pictures are so cool

Christina said...

The animals always have gravitated towards Colin! Love the birds!