Friday, July 30, 2010


DSC_1234-1DSC_1233-1Buzz a dog for Colin that will stay at my mom's house. Really I think it was just a good reason to keep one of the puppies from the litter ;) Buzz and my mom came and stayed with us this week. My mom left today but Buzz is staying until Sunday.DSC_1256-1   He is 7 weeks old,  a Blood Hound/Tree Walker mix, and LOVES  to chew on our toes and pant legs. DSC_1245-1 DSC_1252-1

Colin is unsure of him. He is drawn to him but at the same time terrified of being nibbled on. All Buzz has to do is look at Colin and Colin becomes frozen and starts crying. Mom to the rescue! Followed by Colin telling Buzz to go take a nap. Yet when Buzz is napping Colin keeps talking to him and telling him "awake". I am not sure who it is the hardest on, I am beginning to think myself :) DSC_1243-1

Buzz and I have bonded and he is currently sleeping on my feet. How could anyone not bond with a dog that gives you that puppy dog look? I think he is cute and adorable but one thing I have learned from his visit with us is that we are not ready for any pets.

Happy Friday and hopefully we will still have all our toes and pants legs intact after Sunday ;)

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