Friday, July 23, 2010

Black and White

I don't know why but I am in a black and white mood. I am trying to sort out the some 700 photos that were on the camera. Yeah, I have been lazy. Well not lazy so much as in pain. I have some pinched nerves in my right should blade area so I am not getting much of anything done :( Sorry for the photo heavy post, but the family has been asking for some pictures. I am hoping to have something crafty to share in the near future, once my arm is capable.DSC_0673-1

DSC_0625-1 DSC_0633-1-2

DSC_0768-1 DSC_0700-1 DSC_0744-1 DSC_0758-1 DSC_0765-1 DSC_0640-1 DSC_0945-1 DSC_0906-1 DSC_0913-1  DSC_0939-1-2 DSC_0789-1


Dee said...

hope your shoulder feels better soon!

love all the pictures!

Sarah said...

Looove the ones with brett and the beans and collie w grandma so cute! Hope your shoulders better soon xoxoxo