Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Special Visit

Please excuse me while I play catch up with some photos. My Uncle Mike was in town from Florida and it happened to be my Uncle Jim's birthday. Those two events defiantly called for a family gathering. Unfortunately not everyone could make it including some baked beans that jumped out along the journey to Grandma's house.

Colin took this photo :)DSC_8867-1

Grandpa Rollie and Colin filling up the fountainDSC_8799-1 


Showing Colin how to fish/ clean out the pondDSC_8838-1DSC_8840-1

Noah wanting outside :)DSC_8809-1   DSC_8817-1  DSC_8818-1-2

Colin trying to help Noah open the screen door :)DSC_8820-1

The birthday boy, Uncle Jim.  He is a wonderful man so much so that we gave Colin part of his name...Colin James :) Have I mentioned that he is single??? (I will probably get a phone call for that comment)DSC_8826-1   DSC_8846-1

The boys and everyone else loved the cake. Costco cake is delicious.

DSC_8849-1 DSC_8854-1

I didn't get a lot of pictures taken, what I do have Brett took most of them. I was to busy chatting :)


Leslie said...

this looks like such a fun family get together. i love a good party with a cake

Sheila said...

What single and you didn't tell me. Ha Ha two young I would be a cougar. Looks like you had a great time. Where did you find the sun.

Kaye Prince said...

Costco cake really is delicious! We threw my Grandmother's 80th birthday party this past weekend and got the black forest cake - it was awesome!