Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What the !??!?!?!

DSC_8876-1 DSC_8875-1  

I noticed the spot after washing it and DRYING it :(

I am beginning to think that it is a sign that I should not make stuff to sell on Etsy. To much pressure for perfection and I already put a lot of that on myself.


allsewnup said...

Oh No!! That just totally sucks!


Leslie said...

just as a last ditch try some Gonzo stain remover...sometimes it works even after drying.

angela said...

eeek - here's things that have worked for me: resolve spray-n-wash, murphy's oil sop if it was a machine oil issue, and oxyclean wash powder. That last one needs a good long soak - but it has gotten out lots of stuff!

Kaye Prince said...

That sucks - since it's white, try a bleach pen! It has worked every time for me!

MissesStitches said...

If none of your stain-removing efforts works, try embroidering a little something on top of it. Maybe your quilt will have a few daisies sprinkled around the edges. Or leaves. Or sprigs of grass. Or something.