Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fishy Pajamas


Fishy pajama's for a very special 2 year old.

Brice (Christina's son) turned two last Saturday. He is a wonderful "little boy", since he is official not a baby anymore. He is: super smart, playful, adorable, and darn that kid can entertain himself for what seems like an eternity compared to Colin :) DSC_8924-1 DSC_8973-1They are the best of buds and it is a lot of fun watching them play together. DSC_9011-1They got to have "happy-happy", as Colin calls it, twice in one day.

Colin had a blast driving Brice's Jeep around.DSC_8911-1 

Have I mentioned how much he loves Jeeps? He points them out ever time he sees one :)


Leslie said...

those pj's are precious! i love that fish fabric

Christina said...

I love them - they are my favorite PJ's he has! :)

About Me said...

Love the Fishy PJs!

The boys look so cute together. Thanks for sharing the fun!